Domaine de Torraccia, organic wine in Lecci, Corsica

An island, a winery, a story

Torraccia Passion

Since 1964, the Imbert family has nurtured a passion for the cultivation of organic Corsican wine, revealing the beauty of its lands and respect for tradition.

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September - June
09:00–12:00 and 14:00–18:00

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Route de Torraccia

20137 Lecci

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Our roots, our identity

"Loving-Creating-Doing": this has been the Imbert family's mantra for 50 years, as the driving force behind a great name in wine – the Domaine de Torraccia – began to form its biological movement. It is on the peaks of Porto-Vecchio, between sea and mountain, that the family's patriarch, Christian Imbert, fell in love with these lands. At the dawn of the 1960s, everything was still to be created. A visionary, pioneer and passionate about this corner of paradise, it was through hard work that he shaped his lands and modelled what would become the Domaine de Torraccia. A front-runner in the cultivation of organic wine in Corsica, the Domaine de Torraccia is built on humane, benevolent and radiant values.

In 1976, Christian Imbert led an association of daring winemakers, mobilising for the return of endemic grape varieties and the restoration of the reputation of traditional Corsican viticulture, creating the UVA. It was in 2008 that Marc Imbert, the eldest son, took over the reins of the family winery. The link between the Domaine de Torraccia's Marc and this fantastic terroir goes back years … His quest for excellence is guided by the love of the landscape, an open mind, care for the land and respect for the environment of the Lecci region in which he was brought up.



The love of the land


The nobility of the grape varieties

"Making wine requires patience and a good dose of observation. You must listen and do things with an open and generous mind. Like an artist before his canvas, Marc Imbert draws and redraws the contours of the Domaine de Torraccia with a bold vision. Quality, combined with respect for this singular ecosystem, gives rise to organic Corsican wines imbued with an island character. This winemaker's radiant hospitality and his desire to transmit a passion from generation to generation can be found in each and every cuvée of the Domaine de Torraccia. From noble plants, the vineyard consists of endemic Corsican grape varieties such as Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu, magnified by Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. These organic Corsican wines proudly represent the Porto-Vecchio PDO. Ecological sustainability, concern for beauty, philanthropy and a sense of conviviality are essential elements of the wines of the Domaine de Torraccia, offering each visitor a unique experience.


Vines and olive trees

At the Domaine de Torraccia, Marc Imbert lovingly brings together the vine and the olive tree. The olive grove occupies an area of 25 hectares. This production, faithful to the values of the Domaine de Torraccia, comes from a traditional know-how that favours quality over quantity. Olive oil is sold directly at the Domaine de Torraccia and in most delicatessens in the Lecci region.



"You need to know how to empty your glass if you want to fill it", that's Marc Imbert's motto. Behind each wine is a man, behind every man is a soul. This soul hopes to go against the tide, freeing itself from all dictates – truly avant-garde and radiant. The Domaine de Torraccia invites you to clear your mind as you step inside its world. Picnic in the vineyards, epic walk in the vineyard, film shoots or even a rural concert.