Domaine de Torraccia, a Corsican winemaker and his passion

Corsican winemaker


A timeless passion, respect for the land and ancestral know-how passed down from father to son. A story that forms part of the history of Corsican winemakers …


Corsican winemaker

At the dawn of the 1960s, and more precisely in 1964, Christian Imbert returned from Chad, falling in love with Lecci on the heights of Porto-Vecchio, in southern Corsica. It is on these lands of indescribable beauty, between sea and mountain, that he decided to plant his vineyard. At that time, Porto-Vecchio was not a winegrowing region, but its granite soil, the favourite land of the vine, evoked in Christian a desire to found a vineyard respectful of its ecosystem. Torraccia wines are born from a deep conviction, passion and considerable work … He pushed back the maquis, shaping and modelling the rocks to arrange a soil that had never welcomed vines before. With a long-term vision, love of nature and desire to move away from modern trends toward industrial production as far as possible, Christian Imbert planted 43 hectares of noble vines, seeking to reestablish Corsican grape varieties. A philosophy that respects that natural cycle of the vine, favouring quality over quantity.



An emblematic figure of Corsican winemakers, he worked hard to restore the wines of the island of beauty to their original quality and former identity. Corsican PDO grape varieties; a battle led by Christian Imbert with innovative perception and fervour to restore nobility to Corsican vineyards and winemakers. In this regard, it was in May 1972 that he founded UVA Corse, a small group of visionary and ambitious winemakers, the union of winemakers owning cellars of Corsican controlled PDOs. An association of enthusiasts, inspired by respect for the land, the return to traditional Corsican grape varieties (Niellucciu, Sciaccrellu, Malvasia) and the ever-increasing search for the quality and typicality of island wines amid high-speed globalisation. Heirs to these age-old roots, Corsican AOP grape varieties would be obtained in 1976. A single watchword for the UVA Corse: "The vine is wine before money, let us remain free men."


Torraccia wine

A former sales manager in the United States, Marc Imbert, an unusual personality in the world of Corsican winemakers, returned to his roots to manage the Domaine de Torraccia in 2008. The link between Marc Imbert and these unique Torraccia lands goes back years. The wines know that they are dependant on the men who make them, and so they reveal their full character: complex, subtle and generous. His main desire is to perpetuate the philosophy of his father, who wished to respect the ecosystem that surrounds the Domaine de Torraccia. Simple and authentic, Marc Imbert brings a radiant vision to ancestral know-how, a family heritage that combines quality and a culture of hospitality. With vines he knows by heart, which cradled him as a child and will in turn cradle his children. Marc is convinced that nature has much to teach Corsican winemakers and, as such, continues in his quest for excellence as he works these plots. A man of reflection, with an open-mind and intellectual, he is not content to rest on his laurels. In a perpetual quest for fulfillment, Marc Imbert – passionate about his terroir – savours all these aspects, hoping to refine his plot selections and Torraccia wine blends. In love with his soils, he knows their richnesses and seeks out each of their particularities. "For example, I realised from this research that granites could be blended. My pink granites bring salinity, while the greys bring bitterness. And in blending them from the pressing stage onwards, the synergy is much more interesting than if they were pressed separately. Marc Imbert, a singular character and committed Corsican winemaker, keeps Torraccia's iconic wines alive by adding his personal touch, a subtle marriage between innovation and tradition, past and present.