Domaine de Torraccia, the winery's Corsican olive oil

Corsican olive oil


Marc Imbert lovingly combines the vine and the olive, secretly preserving a Corsican olive oil at the Domaine de Torraccia.


Sale of Corsican olive oil

At the heart of the Domaine de Torraccia, Marc Imbert devotes himself to two passions: the vine and the olive tree. 25 hectares of olive groves, including 16 groves in Saint Cyprien, flourish on the lands of Torraccia. This Corsican olive-oil production includes 5,000 feet of picholine, providing an aromatic and fruity extra-virgin olive oil. The finest green olives are hand picked one by one for consumption.

This production, faithful to the values of the Domaine de Torraccia, favours quality over quantity and traditional know-how over any form of industrialisation. A portion is intended for restaurants in the region, while the rest is marketed to lovers of refined dishes. Olive oil is sold directly at the Domaine de Torraccia and in most fine food shops in the Lecci region.


Olive oil

The olives of the Domaine de Torraccia are hand-picked using nets placed under trees to facilitate their harvest. The olive branches are brushed with small rakes, dropping the olives into the nets where they will then be collected by delicate hands. The olives are then taken to the mill, where they are washed and crushed with a grinding wheel to refine their taste. The Picholines are kneaded to create a first cold-press extra-virgin olive oil.


A finely-tuned oil

A very high-quality Corsican olive oil to enhance your dishes, integrated into all your culinary preparations. Marc Imbert recommends tasting it plain on a nice country bread with garlic and a good glass of red Oriu – the perfect combination.